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Get Ready for First Aid Training in Brisbane!

Are you looking for a perfect First Aid training course in Brisbane? Do you want to be a certified First responder? Then we have what you want. With our First Aid training Brisbane course you can be an expert in providing assistance and life saving measures in different emergency situations. It will equip you with the major skills and knowledge required to act positively and calmly when accidents happen. However, before starting the First Aid training course you need to prepare yourself in order to take full advantage of the training. Prior preparation is always beneficial in every kind of training and study as it allows one to retain information better and gives one more confidence in the skills gained.  ...

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How to Get a Security Licence as an Unarmed Security Guard

An unarmed security guard is a person who is employed to protect people and property without the help of any weapon or a guard dog in places like stores, hospitals, schools, malls, museums, public places, etc. If you consider yourself fit and wish to become an unarmed security guard in Brisbane Australia, then you need to obtain a legal permission from the government in the form of a security licence. The following article is going to tell you step by step information and instructions on how to get a security licence as an unarmed security guard. 1-      The very first thing to do is to get yourself enrolled in one of the security guard courses of your choice in some recognize ...

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Different Types of Security Guard Courses

Do all security guards carry weapons? Do all security guards have patrol dogs? Do all security guards know how to use surveillance cameras? The simplest answer to all of these questions is no. If you think that there is only one kind of a security guard who is always carrying a gun and patrolling around some private area, then you need to enhance your knowledge. There are several types of unarmed security guards who are working in different areas, and each kind of them is specially trained to work in that specific area. A security guard of one area cannot work in another's area unless he receives a proper training for that particular area. For instance, a simple residential security guard cannot be a dog pa ...

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Security Refresher Course: Important or Not?

In the security industry, your journey doesn't end with your successful certification process and you being recruited as a security worker in some great agency. In fact, you need to go through a training period again and again after every three years in order to maintain your position as certified security personnel. Otherwise, you will lose your security license and your prestigious job, and will be considered as invalid for further service in the security industry. Sounds unfair? Why wouldn't the government leave you alone with your license and let you carry on your job as a security guard? Why should you go through training periods again and again? What good is it for you to do a security refresher c ...

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