Blended learning

What is blended learning & assessment method?


The dictionary defines blended as a mixed or combined while assessment is any of a variety of techniques for measuring student achievement. From these two words, blended assessment is formed. Blended assessment is a combination of using technology such as MOODLE, adobe captivate, PHP etc and the traditional in the class assessment and learning methods. In this method of learning and assessment students use computer in order to access the on-line quizzes and assignments while traditional methods are deployed in conducting in class training and assessment, in our case tutorials and practical assessments.


How does UTA use Blending learning and assessment method?


Students at Universal Training Academy will be learning and getting assessed via our learning & assessment management system (LAMS) called eLearning plus which allows you to study learning material at your own pace and do online quiz assessments. You will also be taking part in tutorials which are either conducted face to face or through a webinar using google hangouts or skype. Final part of the assessment is in class practical assessments which are conducted at our training rooms or at mutually agreed location with your assessor.


what is elearning plus platform?

To provide our students with quality and flexibility we have invested in developing our own Learning & Assessment Management System (LAMS). Upon enrolment you will receive access to the system via a username and password, which you can use to login to our system via our website

Learning on eLearning plus

Once you have logged in you need to study the learning material attached to each Unit of Competency. These could be either a pdf document, video, power point presentation, reference to a text book, blog article or a website. Each unit is separate for your convenience. Do not attempt online assessment for any unit till you have read all the learning material and participated in the face to face or web based tutorial.



We conduct weekly tutorial covering one or more units of competencies. Students can either attend tutorials at our training center or online either on skype or google hangouts. Both these applications are free to use, but you will need to create an account to access the webinar. You can access the availability and book in for tutorials by contacting your assessor.


Practical Assessments

You will be given a practical workbook in electronic or hard copy format. This includes instructions on the scenarios you are required to demonstrate along with an observation checklist which includes the observations which your assessor will use to make a judgement of competence. You will need to contact your assessor to book for practical assessments. You will need to demonstrate skills as per the scenarios and role plays till you are competent. If you are deemed NYC (not yet competent), you will have to book another session to demonstrate skills for the practical assessments you fail to successfully complete. We strongly recommend you read the learner’s guide, practical workbook, complete all your knowledge assessments and read the role plays before booking for practical sessions.