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Security Officer & Crowd Controller (Northern Territory) UPDATED



Individuals and Companies must be licensed to work in Security Industry. These licenses are issued by Department of Justice in the Northern Territory.

Private security officers and crowd controllers must have successfully completed the appropriate competency-based training requirements in order to obtain a licence.


Security Officer Unarmed & Crowd Controller Package for Northern Territory

By having more than one functions on your license you will increase the job opportunities within the industry. By doing few extra units you can have both Unarmed & Crowd Controller function on your license.


Security Officer Unarmed:

An unarmed security officer personally guards, patrols or watches another person´s property, without a guard dog or weapon.

This also includes:

  1. in-house security (someone who guards, patrols or watches their employer´s property)

  2. loss prevention personnel

  3. security gate operators.

Crowd Controller:

A crowd controller keeps order at a public place by:

  1. screening the entry of people into a place

  2. monitoring or controlling the behaviour of people in a place

  3. removing people from a place.

For example, a hotel security guard needs a crowd controller licence but an usher does not.


Training Requirement for Security Officer Unarmed & Crowd Controller

Minimum training requirement is Certificate II in Security Operations along with First Aid and four units from Certificate III in Security Operations.

Unit of Studies list below shows the specific units required by Department of Justice to issue an Unarmed Security Officer license.


Delivery Method & Duration

Course can be done both through online training or by face to face delivery. Please note that practicals need to be done face to face and once a student finishes the online part, we will contact you within 24 hours to finish practical assessment.


This course has been updated please enrol in the following course

Units of competency

CPP20212 - Certificate II in Security Operations

CPPSEC2001A - Communicate Effectively in Security Industry
CPPSEC2002A - Follow workplace safety procedures in the security industry
CPPSEC2003B - Work Effectively in Security Industry
CPPSEC2004B - Respond to Security Risk Situation
CPPSEC2005A - Work as a part of a Security Team
CPPSEC2006B - Provide Security Services to Clients
CPPSEC2011A - Control access to and exit from premises
CPPSEC2012A - Monitor & Control individual & Crowd Behaviour
CPPSEC2014A - Operate basic security equipment
CPPSEC2015A - Patrol Premises
CPPSEC2017A Protect Self and Others Using Basic Defensive Techniques

Certificate II Units for Crowd Controller - Northern Territory

CPPSEC2007A - Screen People
CPPSEC2009A - Give Evidence in Court
CPPSEC2013A - Protect Valuables In Transit
CPPSEC2008A - Screen Items


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State : Northern Territory

Fees : $650