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Security monitoring is very crucial and there are many security systems and place to apply security officer. Some people use them for office security monitoring and some are using them to maintain home security system.


In addition, Park, garden, factory etc required security monitoring officer. Security officers offer surveillance services to the owners to ensure a safe environment and prevent violence. A guardian plays many other roles, but his main task is to prevent crimes.


The presence of a security officer on the stage often serves as a deterrent for potential offenders. Security officers work in public and private buildings as well as in retail and wholesale businesses. Some work in means of transport that protect against possible terrorist attacks.


Major functions of Security officers

As security officers do their work, they often patrol both inside and outside the facility where they work. They monitor windows, doors and doors to make sure they are securely locked. When an alarm sounds or a fault occurs, the security officer is the first on the stage and is often the one who calls the emergency, fire or rescue services. Security officers can be responsible for telephone calls arriving after hours.

Some have the task of monitoring the heating and cooling systems of the buildings they receive. Security officers prepare the daily activity logs and report the damage to the material to be presented to their superiors.


Career Path of Security monitoring officers

If you are interested in a career in this field of criminal justice, various careers are open. Transport security monitoring officer’s work in transport facilities that protect cargo, equipment and property, as well as people who use the transport system.

They use sophisticated detection tools to search for weapons and explosives. Some transport safety officers trained service dogs as partners. Transport Custodians often find employment as Transport Safety Board (TSA) officials. The guards of armored vehicles and other traffic safety officers treat the goods and persons during transport. These officers often wear guns and wear anti-bullet clothing. Gambling Supervisors are security officers who supervise game facilities.

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