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Security Guard Training and Crowd Controller (SOUTH AUSTRALIA)

A security guard is someone who patrols and inspects property against fire, theft, vandalism, terrorism and illegal activities. They monitor people and buildings to prevent crime.

Security Guard training

IF you are dreaming to be security expert then you must prepare yourself with properly. Security guard training is the great option for you to work as guard in different sections. This training course will ensure you also a crowd controller as well.

Universal academy added certificate II Security Operations module which cover many areas like, damage control, power plants, corporate security etc. Also included Crowd Control units to help you add the amount of controllers to your security officer.

The course teaches you how to effectively communicate in the security industry, how to work safely in the security sector, work effectively, respond to a security risk situation, work in the security sector, provide a security team, provide security services to customers, and apply for first aid. Everything you need to know for your first day at work as a guard!

They will also learn the appropriate ways to control access and leave facilities, monitor and control individual and diverse behaviors, use basic safety equipment, patrol facilities and protect yourself and others with defensive basic techniques. The course will also teach you various aspects of the quantity control.

Once you have taken the safety course, you can decide that many other aspects of security operations are interesting to you. Universal Training Academy has a variety of advanced programs that advance your education in a variety of interesting and specialized areas.


Career arena for security guard and crowd controllers

Security officers work in a variety of settings, including public buildings, retail stores, and office buildings. The guards, who serve as transport security managers, work in air, naval and railway terminals and other means of transport and are used by the federal government. Game supervisors do most of their work in casino viewing rooms, with audio and video equipment.

Most of the guards spend a lot of time on their legs, whether they are assigned to a particular position or patrol the buildings and grounds. Some may sit for a long time behind a bar or a guardhouse at the entrance to a closed facility or community. Some guards offer 24-hour surveillance by shifts of eight hours or more with rotating timetables.

Guardians working during the day can be in close contact with other employees and the public. Although the work can be routine, it can also be dangerous, especially when an argument takes place.

That is an ideal training if you are interested in security career path. If you like to know more information about this course you may call us or mail us to:

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Units of competency

CPP20212 - Certificate II in Security Operations

CPPSEC2001A - Communicate Effectively in Security Industry
CPPSEC2002A - Follow workplace safety procedures in the security industry
CPPSEC2003B - Work Effectively in Security Industry
CPPSEC2004B - Respond to Security Risk Situation
CPPSEC2005A - Work as a part of a Security Team
CPPSEC2006B - Provide Security Services to Clients
CPPSEC2011A - Control access to and exit from premises
CPPSEC2012A - Monitor & Control individual & Crowd Behaviour
CPPSEC2015A - Patrol Premises
CPPSEC2017A Protect Self and Others Using Basic Defensive Techniques

Certificate II Units for Crowd Controller - Northern Territory

CPPSEC2007A - Screen People


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State : South Australia

Fees : $699