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Construction White Card QLD Online (CPCCOHS1001A)


Construction card is essential for the people who are looking work in the construction area. This is the card what can ensure the quality of workers. Universal academy prepares ease and flexible course for them.


Construction White Card qld course is aimed at all workers carrying out construction work, including: self-employed persons, laborers, apprentices, trades-persons, supervisors and project managers. Students will learn the basic principles of health and safety in the construction industry as well as information about preventing workplace injury and illness, workplace injury management and workers compensation.


Course Flexibility


We are Universal Training Academy understand how important your time is, to accommodate the needs of the students we are offering the CPCCOHS1001A course online using our advanced web integrated system. This system allows a fast turnaround for the candidates to be able to receive their "white card" as soon as possible.


Once the theory questions are finished online, the last part is a simple phone or a skype assessment with our assessor to confirm the identity and maintain the integrity of the assessment process.



Benefits of Construction White Card qld


We are all aware that the onstruction industry can be lucrative and rewarding but is also one of the highest risks. Safety training ensures that you do not only know how to be safe, but others on the construction site have the same training and will also be aware of the basics of the general safety training in construction. Ignorant workers in the workplace are not only endangered for themselves, but also for others.


Employees, who are looking to find employment under construction, whether as a long-term career or simply a part-time job, will be attractive to potential employers if they already have a carte blanche.


It will also allow you to search for work wherever you want, including the opportunity to move into a state or territory and your Carte Blanche will always be valid.


Whether you are a builder, an entrepreneur, a trader, an apprentice, an engineer or a sales driver who takes part in construction sites, you benefit from the general training in construction safety.


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Units of competency

Construction White Card

CPCCOHS1001A - Work Safely in the construction industry


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State : Queensland

Fees : $89