About Us

Universal Training Academy is a Trading Name of Kadri Training Pty Ltd, a Registered Training Organisation (RTO code 32358). UTA has been involved in the industry since 2007 and is committed to delivering high quality training to its clients. To facilitate this goal, we applied to the Department of Education & Training in Queensland for Registered Training Organization status and were approved early in 2010. Prior to this time, we delivered our courses in partnership with other registered training organizations to ensure that the quality of training on offer was of the very highest order.
The consistently high quality of our training and the flexibility that our courses offer students has meant that much of our business derives from word-of-mouth recommendations. We aim to build on the reputation we have established by continuing to offer the same high quality of training through the use of latest innovations in information technology. Offering online courses is a key part of this process and an area in which we intend to focus in the future. However, we still offer face-to-face training sessions for those in the Brisbane area that prefer this form of learning. Flexibility is important to our clients, which is why we believe that it is important for us to provide training in a variety of formats that can be tailored to suit the needs of individual students. As a Registered Training Organization we have to uphold certain standards but rather than simply ensuring we continue to meet these standards, it is our goal to exceed them in all areas of our business. We wish to make sure that every student who deals with us is completely satisfied with the service that he or she receives and can recommend us to others without hesitation.


Blended Learning & Assessments

Blended learning is a method of training and assessments, which combines face to face and online learning and assessments strategies. All our courses are offered through this method to provide quality outcomes, catering for different lifestyles and time commitments. We pride ourselves in quality training and assessment delivered through most flexible delivery methods within the industry. We are industry leaders in using information technology and have a rigorous continuous improvement policy, which enables us to use latest in e-learning arena. We have developed an independent online learning management system (LMS), which allows us to provide flexible online learning/assessment methods and provide real time feedback to students doing our assessments.

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