Work in the Security Industry as a Security Supervisor

The security supervisor is often hired to maintain and protect the employees and public in a number of industries. The supervisor can work in the industrial environment to ensure the safety of workers around the equipment and guard the people from various risks. The job description may vary based on the requirements of a particular industry, but you should pass security courses. These courses are important to learn the important skills and enable you to get the security licence. Before starting a career in the security industry as a security supervisor, you should read the job description. Following are some important job duties that every security supervisor has to perform:


Performance Management

The supervisor often works as a head of the security team, and ensure the best performance from the subordinates. The person should manage their performance to make sure either the assigned work is done or not. His/her responsibilities include assigning work, hand over the duties, and communicate to enforce changes in the policy of the company. The supervisor is responsible to implement any disciplinary actions for the subordinates performing poorly.


In certain cases, the supervisor performs the duties of a regular security guard. He/she patrol the ground to check the doors, windows and other locations for optimum security. The supervisor has to investigate the suspicious activities and help the occupants of the building as they call him/her.

Assist Law Enforcement

The criminals and trespassers may be discovered around your building, and the security supervisor has an authority to detain these criminals to hand over them to the law enforcement officials upon their arrival. The person may work as a liaison between the local authorities and the other related people. The person needs to communicate the important events occurred during the emergency situation.

Report Writing

The person should have report writing skills because sometimes, the officer is required to maintain the accurate logs about the activities of his/her team members. The officer has to write complete details and submit to the managers. The report should highlight the important issues, strengths and weaknesses of the staff.

Interaction with Public

The security supervisor should have good communication skills because the supervisor may need to communicate with the visitors and the general public. It can be important to provide details about the policies of the company or the government about a particular landmark building. The guard should be capable to communicate in an effective manner and handle the crowd.

You can learn all these skills by passing a particular qualification, such as security courses. These courses are available for the students in Australia so that they can get a good job in the industry.


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