What you have to do as a Crowd Controller?

A crowd controller proves as a back bone for crowded places, because the person is responsible to avoid criminal activities, fights and unnecessary gathering at one place. The crowd controllers are appointed to the places where the large get-together is expected, including concerts, stadium, public speeches, political rallies, sporting events, etc. A Crowd Controller is responsible to manage peace and to keep the crowd always organized. If you want to become a crow controller, you have to pass some security courses and get necessary training. It will help you to enjoy a potentially demanding career with lots of growing opportunities.

Responsibilities of the Crowd Controllers

The responsibilities of a crow controller may vary according to the gathering, but there are some common responsibilities of a crowd controller in every area:

Keep an Eye on Trouble Making People

A crowd consists of lots of people of different nature and mood, and some violent or criminal minded person can make the whole crowd wild and out of hand. It is the responsibility of the crowd controller to escort the trouble making persons from the venue to maintain the peace.

Control Fights

In a crowd, arguments and fight is a common practice, and the crowd controller is responsible to control every thing on time before the start of physical assault. The person should keep a close eye on the audience to avoid any fight as much as possible.

Use of Alcohol

Different music concerts, sporting events and even political rallies allow the sale of alcoholic beverages. The consumption of alcohol is not safe for the people, because the people can get out of hand, therefore the crow controller has to control the supply of alcohol to minors and keep an eye on the people cause trouble under the influence of alcohol. He can expel overly drunken persons from the venue.

Smooth Movement of People

It is the duty of crowd controller to arrange different passage ways for the entry and the exit of people to avoid hustle and bustle. He should motivate persons to swiftly move out of the venue without any trouble. The faster exist of the crow will make it easy for the crew to clean up the venue for other event. The person should appoint separate persons at the entry and exit ways to avoid any trouble and security problems. The crowd controller should have fighting and other important skills to handle every kind of situation.