What Is It Like To Get a Security License in Queensland?

Life as a security officer is equally as exciting as that of a military officer or a policeman. You can get the opportunity to travel, have new experiences everyday, meet famous and interesting people, work with teams, and tackle the trouble makers. There are so many job options available within the security industry that may suit your interest. If you want to enter into this exiting career and partake in the security activities, then you need to go through a few steps and overcome a few obstacles involved in the process.


First let's see what are the major steps involved in the process.


1)        Go Through a Training

The very first thing to do to step into the security industry is to prepare yourself for the duties of a security worker. For this you would need to undergo a training period for some time. There are many colleges and institutes offering security courses. Whichever course you choose, always remember that security training must be acquired from only an accredited and recognized training provider.


2)        Acquire a Security License

After you have completed your training period, the next step is to get a security license. For a security license, you need to be above 18 years in age and should have no criminal history. The security license application form is available at the licensing department of the state. It can be either downloaded from their website or acquired from the office directly. It usually takes about 20 days or a little more for the licensing department to process on your security license application. After the application form is approved, you will be granted a security license.


What Security Jobs You Can Get with a Security License

Once you have obtained a security license, you have now the legal permission to take up any security job in Queensland related to your security training. With a security guard license you can get a job in the following areas:


1)             Private security jobs: Private security jobs involve protecting a specific person or a specific number of people.

2)             Corporate security guard: Corporate security guarding involves protecting the people and the assets of private organizations and firms, such as shopping malls, hospitals, schools, etc.

3)             Airport and train station security guards: These jobs involve security guarding the people and premises of airports and train stations. There is always a high demand of security official in airports and train stations.

4)             Crowd Controller: This security job involves managing crowds and people during some event.

5)             Monitoring guards: This job is about monitoring people from one place through CCTVs.

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