What Information to Gather Before Applying for Certificate II in Security Operations?

With CPP20212 code, Certificate II in Security Operations is a certified and registered certificate of security industry. The purpose of this certificate is to open new opportunities of employment. In return, you can achieve Security License as well.

The entire course is the gist of apprehending learning through group discussions, practical demonstrations and several other related assessment techniques. The person who becomes successful in achieving the criteria of the course will finally be capable of securing his career.



In pursue of enrolling into the Certificate II in Security Operations, certain requisites have to be followed. These include; the applicant must be appeared with 18 years of age and the incumbent must be free from any criminal history. These terms and conditions are scrutinized strictly to avoid violence of rules. After confirming the conditions, the person is welcomed to join the course. 


Designations to pursue

After gaining Certificate II in Security Operations, new doors of opportunities incorporating the designations of airport security officer, mobile patrols, crowd controller and personal protection are unveiled.


Agenda of Course

·         Certificate II in Security Operations is attained with the combination of the following course material implementation.

·         Workbook Filling

·         Knowledge-based Course Material that let you to gain more information on security field

·         Extra assistance providers can render extra sessions whenever required

·         When the trainee proves himself a competent person, the Certificate II in Security Operations is issued to him


Topics of Certificate II in Security Operations

The concerned certificate revolves around the subject of these topics:

·         First Aid

·         Patrol Promises

·         Operations of Security Equipment

·         Supervising, Monitoring and Controlling

·         Rendering Evidences of Court

·         Control access to and exit from Premises

·         Security Team Work

·         Client’s Safeguard Services

·         Reaction towards Security Risk Circumstances

·         Effective working in Security Industry

·         Workplace Safety Process

·         Effective Communication within Security Industry


Reward of attaining Certificate II in Security Operations

Despite of what course package you select, the incumbent will be rewarded with the following souvenirs after the successful completion of this course:

·         The Crowd Controller Statement of Attainment along with Certificate II in Security Operations

·         The candidate can now apply for attaining Security License

·         The Certificate of First Aid

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