Unarmed Security Officer and Crowd Controller Package Course

Do you wish to increase your job opportunities in the security industry? Do you wish you could apply for various security jobs with your security licence? Would you like to get more than one qualification in security training? Then you need to be smart and get yourself enrolled in our unarmed security officer and crowd controller licence package course. With this one package course you can be trained both as an unarmed security officer and a crowd controller and then you can attract more employers with a double qualification on your security licence.


Below is some general information about this course.


Security Officer Unarmed and Crowd Controller

An unarmed security officer basically guards some person's assets without using the services of a guard dog or a weapon. He can work as an in-house security guard, loss prevention personnel, or a security gate operator. A crowd controller's domain of duty is different than that of a security officer. A crowd controller's job is to maintain order and peace in public areas through various tactics, such as monitoring people's action and removing bad people from the scene.

In order to perform the duties of a security officer and a crowd controller, you need to possess a security licence that would allow you to perform both the duties. But before that you need to undergo a training period for both the positions. This is what our package course aims to do. Within just a few weeks you can achieve both the qualifications, acquire a security licence, and become eligible to work both as a security officer and a crowd controller.



The security officer unarmed and crowd controller package has the following requirement.


·         Certificate II in security Operation with First Aid

·         Certificate II in security Operations selected units.


Delivery Method

Online delivery or face-to-face

Practicals are required to be done with the face-to-face-delivery method


Fee: $499


Location: Queensland


Units of Study:

CPP20212 – Certificate II in Security Operations

CPPSEC2001A – Communicate Effectively in Security Industry

CPPSEC2002A – Follow workplace safety procedures in the security industry

CPPSEC2003B – Work Effectively in Security Industry

CPPSEC2004B – Respond to Security Risk Situation

CPPSEC2005A – Work as a part of a Security Team

CPPSEC2006B – Provide Security Services to Clients

CPPSEC2011B – Control access to and exit from premises

CPPSEC2012A – Monitor & Control individual & Crowd Behavior

CPPSEC2014A – Operate basic security equipment

CPPSEC2015A – Patrol Premises


CPP30411 – Certificate III in Security Operations

CPPSEC3002A – Manage conflict through negotiation

CPPSEC3003A – Determine response to security risk situations

CPPSEC3007A – Maintain security of environment

CPPSEC3013A – Control Persons Using Empty Hand Techniques

HLTFA311A – Apply First Aid

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