Training to Control Police Riot

A special training is given to control police riots to control and disperse anger of the crowd. This training is specially given to reduce the chances of destruction and violence. The Crowd Controller training involves inventing revelation and the ordinary citizens are also trained to control the situation. A special kind of training is given to the candidates to produce a simulated experience for the control of riots with special tactics. The training enables persons to control the situation in a better way to avoid any violence and trouble. Following are some important elements of training:

Use of Protective Gear

In order to control the crowd, the trainee should wear the protective gear, including helmet, face visors, armor for body, vest, neck protection, gas mask, pads for knees and Plexiglas riot shields. The Crowd Controller should learn the absorption of the shock of stones and rocks, tolerance against smoke bombs and different other attacks. This will help trainees to protect themselves from serious injuries.

Method of Approach

The person should be able to use different tactics to disperse the crowd, including the use of tear gas, pepper spray, use of plastic bullets, electric TASERs, barricades, batons, police dogs and armored vehicles. It is not necessary to disperse every crowd, because it is the responsibility of the crowd controllers to protect the peaceful protestors. In order to control exaggeratedly aggressive crowds, you can use water cannons, police dogs, armored vehicles and mounted horses.

Formation of Team

The training requires almost 9 to 10 officers of law enforcement to command the team and to arrest the persons. In order to disperse the angry crowd, the commanding officer leads the force. The sufficient amount of experience is needed to successfully handle the angry crowd and bad situations.

Significance of Training

The training is really important to reduce the threat level to your state. The crowd controller is specifically trained to handle natural disasters and to avoid any havoc. The candidates get special training to control angry mobs and rioters who spill out on the streets.

Confront Civil Disobedience

A special police riot training is helpful to confront civil disobedience and the training prepares the police personnel to disperse the large crowd without any bloodshed. In some past evidences, the citizens who staged protest against the government were killed, therefore special training is given to avoid this situation in present and future.