Training Requirements of a Security Guard

Security guard is often hired to provide maximum safety to the employees and residents. The person is responsible to keep the property and valuable items safe. The workers may work in a variety of settings, including shopping malls, banks, entertainment venues, transportation facilities, public museums and hospitals. The jobs and responsibilities of security guard are quite challenging and the person should be able to handle all challenging jobs. The security guard can deter crime, enforce laws and provide other defensive services. Every state offers some security training courses, programs and Security Refresher Course. The security guard should fulfill all requirements in order to enjoy a sound career in the security industry.

Security Guard Training Programs

The security guard training programs are important for the newly hired security officers to learn all important skills according to the requirements of industry. The training programs are administrated by the vocational training institutions and each program requires a different amount of fee and duration to study. The first 100 days on-job training is important and during this period. Different topics are covered, including basic security techniques, investigations, report writing, use of firearm and patrolling tactics. This training is not enough, because the candidate may have to attend some additional training programs and security refresher course after a specific period of time.

Classes for Security Guards

Almost all states require renewal of license and certification after a specific period of time. Some special classes are organized for the security guards to carry out renewal process. Some states arrange pre-structured classes in the license renewal process, but some other can give opportunity to security guards to choose individual classes according to their course work. The refresher classes usually focused on the training of armed and unarmed security guards.

Requirements of Security Guard Jobs

It is a common requirement of all states that the age of the security guard should be about 18 years. The educational requirements may vary, but the candidate should posses a high school diploma. The applicant should pass the criminal background and fingerprint checks. Sometimes, it is also important for the security guard to pass a physical test before employment. The license process is important to complete in the first few months and the security refreshers course is available to renew the license after a specific period of time. The applicant should pass all mandatory training programs to get a security license to work in the industry.     

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