Training Essentials of a Security Guard

All types of retail and other business industries always require a trained security guard to perform different security jobs. There are some essential security jobs that require a professional trained and licensed security guard; therefore Security Training is available to help interested people to join this industry. A certified and licensed security guard is specifically trained to effectively respond to different emergency situations. The person is able to handle different threats to secure the lives and properties. If you want to join this career, you have to get the complete training from the famous institutions to learn all required skills and credentials.

Basic Qualifications

The basic qualifications to become a security guard are determined by the state and the interested person has to get complete Security Guard Training. If you want to become a security guard, you should be able to get an unarmed security license. The minimum age requirement to get the security guard license is 21 years, complete criminal background check and physical soundness. There are different training institutions in different states; therefore you can select a reliable institution according to your budget because the fee of every training course may vary from state to state. Your selected institution should have security license and registration from the department of state.

Job Description of a Security Guard

A general job description of a security guard is to patrol and inspect the property to provide complete protection against theft, terrorism, wreckage, terrorism and illegal activities. The security guard is responsible to protect the valuable items, investment and life of his employer. A security guard works with limited rights, and he can’t arrest the law breakers. The police and army officers have rights to protect the human lives with the use of weapons.

Training Requirements

A security guard is required to take a basic training of 16 hours with an additional 8 hours training to earn the unarmed security license. Both types of armed and unarmed security guards are required to get employment before applying for the license. The age of the person should be at least 21 years otherwise the person younger than 21 years can’t apply for the license. Every state has different training requirements, but in every state, the person should be well informed and skilled to easily deter criminal activities and reduce the crime rate of the area.