Top 7 Qualities every Crowd Controller should have

Crowd controllers are important security personnel who are vital for maintaining a peaceful public environment. They are hired for maintaining order and peace in a crowd. They are usually appointed for duties in the crowds gathered for entertainment, recreation, protest, rally, and public events. Their duties involve inspecting suspicious persons, screening important people from public or media, monitoring behavior and actions of the crowd and removing bad tempered people from the crowd. In short, crowd controllers perform crucial duties for the safety of people at large.


While the job of a crowd controller is respectable and praiseworthy; it chiefly depends upon the personality of a crowd controller and the qualities he possess which makes his job a respected one. Following are the seven main qualities every crowd controllers should have:


Professional training


The main quality which influences the overall personality and work of a crowd controller is his training. Best crowd controllers are those who have obtained a professional training. It is actually the training that speaks through his knowledge and skill. So the first quality that every crowd controller should have is a good training.




Honesty should be the trademark quality of a crowd controller. He should be honest and truthful in the performance of his duties. He should be someone whom people can trust and feel safe with.




Even though a crowd controller undergoes a training period which teaches him certain skills required for the job, there are times when he encounters something which are not taught to him during his training period. In such instances he needs to display some degree of common sense. So he should have the quality of rationality to effectively tackle every type of predictable and unpredictable security issues.


Excellent Team player


Most of the security officers are required to work as a team together. Managing a crowd of thousands of people is not a job of one crowd controller. Numerous crowd controllers, working with mutual coordination, are asked to work together to manage security issues of such a gathering. So it is an important quality of a crowd controller that he is an excellent team player.  


Communication Skills


Security industry requires people who possess excellent communication skills so they can have an effective interaction with the people. In fact, communication skills are one of the basic requirements for all of the security positions including a crowd controller. A crowd controller is constantly exposed to a wide public, hence it is essential for him to have adequate communication skills.



 Medical fitness


A crowd controller should be physically and mentally sound. As crowd controlling job involves much challenges and risks, therefore a crowd controller should have enough physical and mental strength to deal with difficult and risky situations.




A crowd controller should have a strong sense of humanity. He should have a genuine love for the people and desire to provide them all kind of protection. Nobody likes a rude and ill mannered security officer who appears to be hateful all the time. People feel more comfortable and secure with a crowd controller who is humane towards them. 

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