Tips to Improve Security of a Shopping Mall

After passing certificate 3 guarantee, you can become a security officer in a shopping mall. The mall security officers require following new ways to provide optimum security. The security at a shopping mall is quite different than the security at any other organization. The security plan should be different to meet the ever changing demands of the environment. You need to hire qualified officers in your team to help you in security matters and avoid any unhappy incident. It is important to always higher trained and competent people to make a daring team. The following tips are particularly designed for you so that you can provide maximum security to people roaming around a shopping mall:


  • You need to design a security binder for all security personnel to clearly define a mission statement of all departments of security mall. The binder should contain job duties of each and every security guard and make sure to revise it at least once a year to include new things as per environment.
  • On-the-job training is a basic need for employees because it helps them to understand cultural trends and crime statistics of your area. You should organize this training to polish their skills and teach them a new skill. It will help security guards to know about latest trends and styles of crime to detect suspicious behaviors.
  • Increase patrolling in particular areas to provide maximum security for the general public. It is important to visit high-theft areas again and again. Food courts, parking lots and entrance of the employees are the most important areas to patrol.
  • You should have a high-quality digital video and audio recording system. This will increase your ability to record all criminal activities and show as a proof to law enforcement departments. You can appoint extra security personnel during the holidays. The visual presence is not enough; therefore, you should try Sky Watch or any other way for better surveillance.
  • Make sure to arrange security training and add something additional in the training so that your employees can deal with the high-threat and criminal activities. The security should be aware of emergency tricks to help people in evacuation from the building.
  • Organize periodic drills and exercises to increase the strength of your security employees. You can invite experts from the local police station and include the tenants as well as the owner of the mall in security drills.

You need to make sure that your employees can handle every emergency situation and help the customers in a better way. Make sure to check the certificate 3 guarantee in security because it serves a proof that the candidate has taken basic security training successfully. 

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