Tips to Get Ready for Crowd Control

If you are going to host a home wedding, or planning a mega sale in your shop, or want to arrange a concert in a park or any other venue, you have to learn about some specific techniques to act as a Crowd Controller. Your caring attitude and planning before time will help you to prevent major troubles in future. You have to be really careful while planning a crowd control, because everyone in the crowd has his/her own gesture, and you have to deal with different people. There are lots of things that should be taken in mind while planning a crowd control. Following are some tips that will help you to plan a successful event without any trouble:

In the first step, you have to select the venue and close off the areas reserved for the volunteers and employees with the help of ropes and barricades. It will be good to use some printed signs to indicate different areas for the convenience of people.

If you have a team of personnel to control the crowd, it will be good to assign a specific color to wear as the uniform so that the personnel can be identified easily. Plan for zonal defense by appointing different employees at regular intervals so that the people can ask their questions without any trouble. As a crowd controller, it is your responsibility to train your staff for the smooth crowd flow and management. It is important to appoint some persons to patrol in the walkways and critical areas.

You can get the services of an off-duty police officer by requesting your municipal police department and the county sheriff. Usually, off-duty police officers are available to get the extra income. You should know about the restrictions and policies to hire an off-duty police officer.

A stagger schedule of the event will avoid the overwhelming crowd at one time, and the maximum staff will guide the people to their way. It will avoid clogging of entrance areas,  because everyone will know about his destination immediately.

A strong way of communication is also important, therefore try to have two-way radios for the communication with all persons. You can have direct contact with the outside staff via the phones.

A clear exit plan is also important for the safe exit of the people. It is the responsibility of the crowd controller to get ready for all emergencies and potential complaints.       

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