Tips to Become a Bouncer at a Bar

People think that with huge muscles and strong body, you can become a bouncer at a bar or nightclub. It is true that potential employers want a strong person for this job, but there are some other skills that are important for this job. You should have a calm nature and intelligence. If you want to become a bouncer, you should complete your training courses. Without passing these courses, you will not be able to get a security licence of Queensland. This profession requires both brawn and brains because you will deal with a number of people without losing your temper. They are always required by the club owners to calm an ugly situation. Following are some tips that will help you to become a good bouncer:

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  • You should know the rules of Queensland before taking any decision. It will help you to know about important training that you should pass to join this career. Meet with local bouncers because they will help you to enroll the right training programs.
  • Enroll in the martial arts and self-defense classes so that you can learn all important techniques to deal with problematic and dangerous people. You need to go through a criminal record check and fingerprint check. These tests along with drug test are necessary for you.
  • A course of first aid and CPR is also necessary because you may need to give first aid treatment to anyone. You can learn these skills because separate courses are available for your help. Keep yourself fit and take part in sports.
  • It is important to develop your hospitality and respect skills because you need to deal with different types of situations. You should be able to handle the firm and threatening situation.
  • Design a compelling resume and include all important details like experience, skills, courses, and education. The resume will play an important role; therefore, design a comprehensive resume and send it to potential employer.
  • If you want to become a bouncer, you need to start with smaller firms as a security guard. Perform some small jobs to get a good experience because it will prove profitable for you. It will also make your resume strong and compelling.
  • Once you get an interview call, prepare for your interview and know about the organization. You need to check the security threats and the nature of people in your selected bar and night club. You may need to provide references to a potential employer to give a proof of your skills and credentials.
  • It will be good to show a positive attitude in the interview. Control your emotions and sit attentively in the interview. Make sure to have your security licence before going for an interview to show it to potential employers.

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