Thinking of Working Without a Security License in Queensland?

Are you trying to skip the security licensure procedure and looking for shortcuts to enter into the security industry? Are you devising ways to work as a security officer without a security license in Queensland? Do you think that you don’t need a security license to make your career as a security officer? If you are seriously thinking this way, then you need to be warned beforehand that working without a valid security license in Queensland is going to lead you into some serious trouble.


Following are the problems you will surely face if you take up any of the security operations in Queensland without a license.


1.    Low Job Opportunities

In Brisbane and across Australia, all the recognized companies and employees seek licensed security employers. There are hardly any companies and employees that officially hire unlicensed security officials. And the companies that do hire unlicensed security personnel are mostly unrecognized and illegal companies. So you have almost zero chances of finding a recognized job and will have to turn to the illegal employees for employment opportunities. And even with the illegal employees there is no guarantee that you will find a job, because usually companies that are illegal seek employers through personal contacts and close relationships to ensure that the company's secrets are not leaked. Nevertheless, if you do get employed in some unauthorized organization as a security guard or by some corrupt rich man as a personal bodyguard, your chances of promotion and income growth will be very low.


2.    Serious Penalties

Just like it is compulsory in almost every country  to have a driver's license if one wants to drive, it is compulsory for all those who wish to become security personnel or those who wish to run a security business to obtain a security license. Working in the security industry without a security license is illegal and punishable by law in Queensland. This is one of the most serious problems you may have to face if you work without a security license in Queensland. In countries like Australia, where the law enforcement is strong, it's pretty hard to get away from the authorities if one is caught as an unauthorized security worker. You can be heavily fined or imprisoned for a long time.


3.    Psychological Unease

Imagine what it is like to live under the constant fear of being caught or losing your job. Think about how disturbing it is for the mind to feel insecure about oneself and about the job all the time. Working without a security license in Queensland can be quite disturbing to one's psychological well being. There is a minute possibility that you will get a job in some unrecognized firm as an unlicensed security officer, and there is a chance that you may not be caught by the authorities, but how can you escape your conscience which will poke you again and again that what you are doing is wrong?



It's not easy to bluff the authorities by working without a valid security license. Think about all the problems that you can face if you do so. If you are trying to run away from the licensure procedure only because of the fees, then think about the heavy fines you may have to pay if you get caught working illegally. So don't burden your soul. Apply for a security license qld now and open the door to a legal profession in the security industry.

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