The ABC’s of Queensland Security Licence

You always admired the security officers smartly dressed in uniforms patrolling in the public areas. You revered how they put themselves on the line just to ensure safety to the people around them. Ever since your childhood you had a strong passion to be like them one day. Now that you are old enough to decide a career for yourself, you have chosen the security field for your future profession. But there is one problem. You don't have enough information on how and from where to acquire a valid security licence in Queensland. So here we are to help you out in this matter. The following article is going to tell you all the ABC's of security licence qld.


A valid security licence is the primary requirement for working as a legal security personnel in Queensland. You can apply for it through the Office of Fair trading Queensland. But before applying for a licence, you need to successfully complete a basic security training course. Check our website for available security courses and enroll now in a security course that suits you. Once you have completed the security course and have passed the assessment test, you are eligible to apply for a security licence qld. Apart from the security training, the other requirements for a security licence qld are that you must be 18 years of age or above. Your 10 years history should be clear and should contain no crime records. And lastly, you should have a permit to work in Australia.

Before submitting the application for security licence qld, make sure to provide all the details and information correctly and attach additional required documents with your application form. If you are uncertain about something, you can always call the helpline for assistance.

In Queensland, a security licence expires after three years and it has to be renewed after every three years if you want to continue working in the security industry. The renewal process is not that hard to carry out. Firstly you will need to go through a refresher course and then apply to the office of fair trading for a licence renewal. It usually takes two or three weeks for the security licence to arrive.

Once you acquire the security licence qld, you can apply for the related security jobs anywhere in Australia.


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