Teach Basic First Aid Skills to Your Kids

The accident can happen anywhere at any time, and it is important to provide prompt medical attention to avoid any major injury. The children can panic on this situation as they could not understand what to do and how to do. It is important to teach basic first aid skills to your kids so that they can easily handle minor injuries. The extensive level of First Aid Training Brisbane is available, but these are not for kids. You have to teach everything to your kids in friendly manner. You can teach important first aid skills through interesting games. There are different interesting games that may help the children to learn every basic skill with enjoyment.

First Aid Maze

The first aid things contain mazes regarding first aid so that the child can learn about appropriate equipment for the patient. For instance, the scissors are required to remove the bandages. You can create different mazes to involve your kids in the game. Use some specific medical objects and objectives with each maze, such as cleaning a wound. You can put every medical objective in different mazes in the form of pictures. It will be good to bring some variations in the game with multiple mazes.

Red Light Green Light

Red light green light is a traditional game to tell the children how to respond in every light. The green light is a symbol that a leader is calling you, and you have to stay still on the red light because the red light is considered as a symbol of danger. The game can be played in different manners, for instance you can provide both light to kids and ask different questions. If the children have “Yes” answer, they will press green light and for “No” they will press red light. It enables kids to learn how to respond to a situation quickly.

Fireman’s Drag

The Fireman’s Drag is a team game that is played between victims and firemen. In the game, the team has to drag the victims on their own back in the safe fashion. The team who finish the game first will be declared as winner. The time can be varied according to the first aid topics and the kids will learn how to work in team.

If you want to teach basic skills to your kids, you have to attend first aid training Brisbane to effectively teach everything to your kids.


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