Successfully Start Your Career as Security Officer in Australia

Private security is turning into a huge industry, because every official and business person wants private security to avoid certain risks and tensions. The security industry has great importance in each and every state of the world; therefore every state has its own rules and regulations for the security industry. Every security guard who wants to work in the Australia should have Security Licence QLD and the requirements to become a security officer may vary from state to state.

Important Requirements to Become Security Officer

Following are some important requirements that should be fulfilled by the persons interested to become security officer in the Australia

Get Compulsory Training

In the first step, collect the complete information about the training requirements of the police of your state. The training will be delivered by the RTO “Registered Training Organization” and accredited by the police of the state. You should get the complete education of at least 10 years to join any one of the training programs. If you want to know about the listed RTOs in the Australia, visit the police website of your own state. Select any one of these institutions and complete your training successfully to start the next step.

Criminal History Check

After completing the training, you have to undergo a criminal history check. The police will ask you to provide the fingerprints and two character references. Submit them to the police department as soon as possible.

Security Licence

Without Security Licence QLD you will not be able to work in any state of Australia, so apply for the licence at the licensing agency of your state. For instance, if you live in the Brisbane, you will get the licence form from the website of Brisbane police and submit it to the concerned department. The department will determine the contents of the applications and check your training as well as criminal background details attached to it. After evaluating everything, they will issue you the working licence.

The security licence is important part of your job, because it shows that you have completed all compulsory trainings and passed all the tests. Do not forget to renew your security licence qld after a specific period of time, after attending refresher courses. It is important to update your knowledge according to the changing era and enables you to work in an effective manner. The age limit is minimum 18 years to get the security licence after complete training.

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