Start a Career as a Transportation Security Officer

Airport security or transportation security officer is often hired to protect passengers, airports, and aircrafts. They are responsible for screening baggage and front-line passenger. The person should be able to use detectors to detect electronic and metal devices. This job is very important due to its sensitive nature. You need to pass particular security courses to start this career. Before you apply for this job, it is important to know job duties and other responsibilities related to this job.

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Common Duties of Security Officer

A transportation security officer is responsible for controlling and monitoring the entry and exit points at the terminals, baggage department, terminals, and other common areas. You should read the job descriptions and other requirements of any particular department before applying for the job.

Physical Requirements

The transportation security officer should physically fit to deal with the challenging tasks. He should be able to carry almost 70 pounds. The person may require standing between one to four hours and walking up to 2 to 3 miles a day. The candidate should have 20/30 vision or better than this range. The officer should not have any hearing impairment. The person should hear properly and the average blood pressure should not exceed 140/90.

Excellent Communication Skills

You should have good communication skills to interact with the public without any problem. The person should remain courteous even in stressful situations while dealing with wearisome passengers. The person should be able to speak English and have a good command of language to help others.

Education and Training Requirements

The transportation security officer should possess a high school diploma or equivalent qualification. One year experience can be a plus point in this field. The person should pass some important Security Courses to learn how to operate detector machines. A complete training is required to handle different tasks. You should pass a drug-screening test to prove yourself perfect for this job. Training is required to improve the job skills.

Good Focus

A transportation officer should be able to maintain his/her focus even in the noise and confused environment. He/she should respond quickly in an emergency situation at the airport. The credit history of the applicant can be reviewed by the potential employer. If the credit history is negative, then the person may not be eligible for this position.

After passing the security courses, you will be able to become a security, officer. After becoming a transportation security officer, you will be able to get the benefits of insurance and retirement saving programs.

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