Skills Required for Security Guard Jobs

Importance of security guards is growing day by day, and now you always notice security guards everywhere from art galleries to departmental stores. Security guards are hired with an aim to provide maximum security to people coming to the store or an event. The guards are responsible to daunt criminal activities, persuade people to follow rules and protect the lives and belongings of people. Responsibilities of as security guard may vary from organization to organization, but the basic purpose of the guards remain same. Security officer may be hired for the protection of precious items and money, to safeguard the life of people or to ensure maintenance of law and order situation.

Security industry is a growing and demanding field therefore you have to face tough competition there too. It will be good to pass some Security courses, additional certifications and trainings in order to get qualified for the job. In order to join this profession, lots of skills are required by potential employer to get optimum benefits. Following are some common skills that should be found in a security guard:


Monitoring Skills

Usually, many business organizations install proper security system including security cameras, alarms and monitors to ensure maximum security. The security officer should have ability to handle all security equipments to timely pinpoint potential threat. The person is required to keep close eye on the monitors to recognize signs of a shoplifter.

Communication Skills

Communication is an important part of each job because without communication, you cannot share your point of view with others. Security professionals should be able to maintain close contact between them and public to get proper feedback. Lots of visitors often inquire security guards about the closing and opening time of park, or exhibition. Carefully choose security guard courses to make sure to improve your communication skills.

Observation Skills

Observation skills are significant for security personnel so that the person can easily observe audio and video equipments. It is specifically important for a security guard in a gaming zone. The security guard has to observe everything to avoid cheating in the gaming zones.

Writing Skills

Security personnel have to write different reports about the regular activities for the information of other guard. The person should know about unauthorized persons and atypical activities. Writing skills can be taught during security courses and good writing skills enable you to do lots of important tasks.


There should be a good coordination between security staff and other relevant people. Security guards should have complete eye on alarms and sudden disturbances. They may have to provide security for valuables, property, or any other things according to the requirement of potential employer.

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