Skills Needed to Become a Crowd Controller

Crowd controllers manage security issues of public places, monitor people's behavior in a crowd, prevent riots from occurring, and remove troublemakers from the scene. For people who are good at monitoring groups of people and maintaining order, becoming a crowd controller is one great career to think of pursuing. For those with a prior experience in military or police, it is a good alternative career choice. But they still need a proper training in crowd controlling. Unlike the other security jobs which offer a limited exposure to the public and deals with specific security issues of a certain area, crowd controlling requires one to be exposed to a wide public all the time. Therefore it requires specific skills and knowledge. Following are some of the skills needed to become a crowd controller.

Mental and physical fitness skills

Crowd controlling job requires a certain amount of agility and strength. Good mental and physical health is one of the primary requirements for becoming a crowd controller. Excellent crowd controllers are those who are physically reliable, who are able to defend themselves and the people, and who can efficiently deal with the agitators.

Controlling and monitoring a large group of people

They are hired at places where a large number of people gather for a common reason, such as in theaters, soccer stadiums, street protests, etc. Dealing with the security issues of crowd can be very risky and requires a lot of courage, confidence and stamina from a crowd controller. Not everyone has the ability to deal with such a wide public. Therefore, he must have the ability to control people and manage security of the crowd simultaneously. 

Communication skills

Good crowd controllers must have extraordinary communication skills otherwise they cannot handle the people or a troublesome situation. All the security workers are required to have good communication skills but a crowd controller is especially demanded to be excellent in communication. This is because a crowd controller is in contact with a large group of people all the time. Sometimes he will need to issue commands or instructions, or simply explain policies to the people. Good communication skills are not only required in terms of dealing with the people, but also in cases of bearing testimonies about criminal and illegal activities in the courts.

Problem solving skills

He must be quick thinkers and good problems solvers. They shouldn't solely rely upon the instructions of the employees and wait for the commandments to come so they can make a move. They should be smart enough to come up with appropriate solutions in emergency situations.

Team player skills

Managing security issues of public places requires a lot of teamwork. A single security officer cannot look after the security of people in places like stadiums, shopping malls, carnivals, etc. Many Crowd controllers need to work together as a team to watch over the security of the people and the premises. Therefore every he should have reasonable team player skills.

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