Significance of Security Guard Licence

Security guards are responsible to patrol and protect the properties, citizens and other valuable items from harm and danger. The presence of guard proves helpful to reduce the crime rate. It will discourage criminals and their activities. The jobs of security guard are demanding in nature and the candidate requires a Security Licence to work in the security industry. The licence should be administrated from the state. The guard has to give some exams to get the licence. The trainings and exams are for the preparation of security personnel to work in the industry. The person should be attentive, punctual and active to handle different security related tasks. A licence is issued to the qualified people to perform different duties of the job.

Liability Issues of the Company

The private security organizations in a state have some liability insurance. It is advantageous for the guards and saves the company in the event of accidents. If any accident happens on the work site to the guard, the insurance company will demand to know the reason of the accident and if the guard has some experience to perform the job. If the guard who meets with an accident has no security licence, the insurance company will not pay the cost and the company will bear it.

Credibility Matters

From the business point of view, it is important for a company to hire a well-trained and licenced guard. Licence and training both are important for the security guard, because the companies hire them on the basis of their skills and qualifications. Qualified staff is important for the company, because without well trained and qualified staff, it is difficult for the security company to satisfy the clients. Companies know the significance of the safety of their employees and protect their assets and individuals. Licenced officers are really important to perform different services.

Basic Qualification

Every state has a governing agency to oversee the work of security guards. The requirements to get a security licence may vary in each state and you have to check the requirements and qualifications for each licence. The non-commissioned security guard should pass two exams Level I and Level II. The tests show the competency of guards in each area, including report writing, professionalism and safety. Without getting employment, the individual cannot apply for the licence. The guard should carry his licence every time to show as identification to police and other authorities.                 

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