Security Training – What is it all about?

When we think about the term "security", the immediate things that come to our mind are peace, happiness, tranquility, serenity, safety – everything opposite to disharmony and agitation. This is because our sense of security is closely linked with all these elements. We cannot have happiness or peace unless we have physical as well as psychological security. Security is very essential to our existence in this world and we cannot function normally without it. Every one of us would desire a peaceful and secure life for ourselves and for our families. This is how we would think about security in emotional sense.

Now if we think about security on a broader level in practical and physical terms we would get a different picture. Most of you may be thinking of a tall and muscular man whispering over his walkie talkie while wearing black glasses and a tuxedo. This is a movie version of a security agent which is slightly different than the real version. Think about the uniformed officers patrolling the premises of airports, hospitals, train stations, public areas, and other places. Think about the bodyguards protecting and screening politicians and celebrities. All these people are security personnel whose job is to guard people, protect their possessions, ensure safety to the public, and prevent accidents from happening.

Because of the widespread of movie version of security officer and bodyguards, it is mistakenly believed that the only requirement for a career in security is physical strength and muscles. Not many people know that security is an organized profession and working in a security industry requires special security training and a license. It is a serious crime to carry out a security job without having a security license and security training. All the security personnel have to go to a security training school prior to joining the industry.

There are many recognized security training institutes in Brisbane offering a wide range of security courses. Among them is the Universal training Academy which specializes in providing a high quality unarmed security training and health and safety training. It aims to ensure that you, as a security trainee, are properly trained according to the latest standards. Once your training period is complete and you clear the test, you would be awarded with a certificate on the basis of which you become eligible for a security license. For more information and details visit

A brief overview of the types of security training offered at Brisbane Universal training academy is as follows:


Security Guard Training

Security guarding is the most sought security training in Brisbane. It is all about looking after the people, property and premises. It is about ensuring a safe environment to the people in various areas. A security guard is taught various techniques and skills to prevent accidents and crimes and how to deal with them if they occur.


First Aid training

First Aid training is the second most demanded security training in Brisbane. It equips the students with necessary first Aid skills and techniques to apply during the emergency situations.


Body Guard Training

Bodyguard training includes all the close protection tactics needed for the protection of a person.

This is just a brief introduction of the training programs offered at the institute, for more information please visit



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