Security Refresher Course – What, Why and for Whom?

"I successfully completed my security training and acquired a security license three years ago, why do I need to undergo a new security training course to revalidate my license?"

You probably thought that just taking one security course is going to be enough for your everlasting career in the security industry. However the reality is, you are required by the government to update your knowledge and skills after every three years if you want to retain your security license as well as your job in the security industry. The update process consists of a special course named as security refresher course or security revalidation training.

The following article is going to provide you some basic information on the security refresher course.

What is a security refresher course?

Security Refresher course is also known as triennial revalidation (TR) course. It is a short term course aimed at the revision and enhancement of the previously obtained knowledge and skills. If you own a security license as a security guard/ crowd controller/ bodyguard, you would be required to take a security refresher course after every three years in order to retain the license as well as your job.

Why do I need to take a security refresher course?

Just like all the skills and knowledge need regular practice and revision to stay in the memory, security training too requires a regular assessment and updating, and this can be done through a security refresher course. This is required because of the drastic changes and advancements in the security industry – the modern security threats, new forms of crimes, and latest security technologies. Even if you had taken extended security training course, was regarded as the best trainee, and was employed as a security officer in the best company, now after three years it is time for you to review and sharpen your skills.

Who should take the security refresher course and from where?

The Queensland government has made this course obligatory upon all those who have passed three years in the security industry as licensed bodyguards or crowd controllers or security officers.  Even though this course is designed for the security personnel who need a revalidation training to maintain their skills and privileges, others who are interested for other reasons can also take the course. This course can be taken from any nationally accredited institute such as Universal Training Academy.

What is the course content?

The security refresher course content includes the following modules:


Control Persons using empty hand techniques

Manage conflict through negotiation

First Aid (optional)

Taking a security refresher course is worth your time and effort. It can improve your skills and give you more confidence in yourself to deal with the current security situations. For more information on the course, please contact Universal Training Academy.

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