Security Officer Refresher Courses

Security refresher courses (also known as revalidation training courses) are one of the mandatory demands of the security industry. Their purpose is to reacquaint the security personnel with the skills and knowledge previously gained and to make them up to date with the modern requirements of the security industry. A security officer is required to refresh and recertify specific units of study after every three years from some recognized security training institute. If the security officer fails to renew the units of competency, his security license becomes invalid and he becomes ineligible to continue his practice in the security industry.


There are numerous security training providers in Brisbane and across Queensland who are offering a variety of security refresher courses. If you are searching for a good and certified security refresher course, then we have what you are looking for. With our security officer revalidation training course you can brush up on your skills and improve your abilities as a security officer.


Following is some important information related to the security refresher course we offer.


Security Refresher Course Content

Our Security officer refresher course includes the following modules.

1.    Apply First Aid


Topics covered in the First Aid module are:

·         Emergency situation assessment

·         Applying first aid

·         Communicating accident details

·         CPR techniques


2.    Managing Conflict Through Negotiation

The topics addressed in this module are:

·         Conflict assessment

·         Resolution negotiation

·         Response evaluation


3.    Control Persons Using Empty Hand Techniques

The units covered in this module are:

·         Need for empty hand techniques

·         Defensive techniques

·         Conflict management

·         Subject isolation and response evaluation


Entry Requirement for a Security Refresher Course

Mainly this course is for the security personnel who need to undergo revalidation training. Others who are interested may also apply.


Delivery method

The course is delivered through blended learning which involves online delivery of content with face to face training and instructions.


Fee Structure

Only 260$ for the whole course.

If you have an inquiry or want to know more about the security officer revalidation training course please contact us

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