Security Licence (qld): All that you should know

There is a job opening as a security guard in Queensland and you consider yourself fit for the position. After all, you know what a security officer has to do. There are plenty of CIA and FBI movies you have seen to tell you all about the security jobs. You are smart, clever, educated, and physically fit to safeguard people, so why wouldn't you be hired for the post? There is absolutely nothing that you are lacking. Is this what you think? If yes, then go ahead and try to apply for the position and see what happens. You will be outright rejected. The reason is, even though you have the rigor required for the job, you lack the legal authority and proper training to officially work as a security officer in Brisbane and in other parts of Australia. It is one of the obligatory conditions imposed by the state that every security personnel and corporation must have a Security Licence in order for him/her to work in Queensland. So if you wish to work as a security guard, or a crowd controller, or a bodyguard, or as some other security officer, you must possess a security license.

This article is going to provide you all the necessary information needed to get a Security Licence in Queensland.


Types of Security License


There are different types of Security Licence for different security positions with individual policies and requirements for eligibility. Security licenses available at the Office of Fair trading are:


Unarmed security officer

Crowd controller

Private Investigator

Security equipment installer


Cash Transit Officer

Monitoring security officer

Security adviser Dog patrol security officer


Almost all of the security licenses have the same basic requirements of application, which are:

Minimum age limit 18 years, certificate II complete in security operations, First Aid course, partial modules of certificate III in security operations, and no criminal history. Some licenses, such as private investigator and bodyguard, need additional training courses prior to application. For details and further information on the courses and license please visit the official website of Office of fair trading


How to apply for a security license


Successfully complete the required training and get the certificate.

Get the Security Licence application form from the Office of Fair Trading.

Lodge the application attached with all the required certificates and documents.

Give your finger prints.

Get your criminal history checked.

Pay the fees.

Wait for 4-6 weeks until your license arrives in the mail.


What we can do to get you a security license


We, at Universal Training Academy, are a registered organization that is committed to provide high quality security training packages required for a security license. We teach and train through a flexible and realistic strategy that can fulfill your needs and guarantee you not only a security license, but also a career in the security industry. For more information please contact our office. 

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