Security Guard Training in Australia

You can easily get the job of security guard at a bank, nightclub, hospital and commercial buildings in Australia after getting the security licence qld. Highly trained and qualified persons are required to perform the responsibilities of a security guard. You can enjoy a sound career in this field as the Australia offers lots of courses to interested candidates at reasonable rates. The importance of a private security guard is increasing day by day, because the people want secure environment and the peace of mind. The government of Australia has different rules and regulations for a security guard.


TAFE commonly known as “Technical and Further Education” is a demanding course for the candidates as it helps them to have a great career in the industry. The course enables you to learn patrol guarding, gun security and crowd control. Students can attend classes in different timings according to their requirements, including full-time and part-time classes as well as distance learning.

Paragon Corporate Training

This is another security course that covers different topics, including investigative services, risk management and lots of other extensive security classes. The students receive nationally recognized training in different classes and pay different amount of fee.

Asset Training

The asset training is offered at three locations in the Queensland and specialized students with bodyguard training courses. The security licence qld is important to enter in the security industry. The training is offered at nationwide recognized institutions. The students have to pay $175 to get the certificate. The students should have certificates of 2 to 3 security operations or a QLD security licence before getting enrollment.

Age and Education Limits to Become Security Guard

A matured individual is required to become a security guard with a certain degree. The age of the applicant should be 18 years with an equivalent degree by the recognized institution or the degree of basic high school. The age limit to become an armed security guard is more than 18 years, because the person should be older enough to carry firearm. A valid license is required with in-dept background check.

The person should hold Security licence QLD and complete the training according to the requirements of the Australian government. The training enables them to perform certain job duties and responsibilities for the safety of people. It will be good to check government requirements before selecting any security course for you.