Security Guard Courses: A Quick Guide to What You Will Learn

Are you interested to know what the security courses are all about but don’t feel like reading the lengthy and redundant details available on the internet? Then here is a quick guide that will save your time and introduce you to the necessary content of the security guard training courses.


Security guard courses: A brief introduction


All Security guard training courses primarily aim to prepare you for the roles and duties of a security guard. There are however differences within the courses in terms of content, time duration, fees, and course qualification. Some security guard courses focus only on issuing you a certificate as soon as you successfully complete the course whereas others go a step further than that and guarantee you a worthwhile career in the security industry.


Security guard courses – What will you learn?


Whichever security guard course you choose, they all have usually the same course content and will teach you the same basic things related to security guarding. Following is a list of the basic things that you will learn during the security courses.


·      Awareness of relevant rules and regulations

·      Understanding of the State criminal and civil laws

·      Effective ways to maintain a strong and forceful visible presence

·      How to observe, detect and report an inappropriate activity or individual

·      How to patrol, guard, and monitor premises

·      How to deter crimes such as theft, burglary, and trespassing

·      Effective techniques of interrogating, questioning, and searching a suspect

·      Effective communication

·      Negotiating and managing conflicts

·      Escorting and disengagement techniques

·      Crime Scene assessment and documentation

·      Use and operation of technology in the security operations

·      Empty hand techniques to force a criminal to submit

·      Handcuffing techniques

·      Drug control and awareness

·      Emergency safety and security procedures, such as fire safety tips, etc

·      First Aid procedures

·      Health and safety procedures in security operations


What we offer


We offer certificate security guard courses at universal academy. Our aim is to pave your path for a brilliant career in the security industry by providing you the top quality training in various unarmed security areas.

For information on security courses requirements, fee structure, location, please visit our website or call our office.

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