Security Courses – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequent security threats and high cases of theft and burglary have exposed every one of us to threats of accidents and insecurity. Many measures for safety and protection have been implemented by the government in the country and across the world to curb these threats. One of such security measure is the propagation of proper and professional security training. Several security courses are designed to prepare the security personnel for precarious security jobs. 


Following is a compilation of some general frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to the security courses we offer at Universal Training Academy.


What are the types of security courses available at Universal training academy?

We offer several unarmed security courses for promising career paths in the security industry. Our certified security courses fulfill the Queensland employment standards in security and include security guard training, crowd control, dog patrolling, bodyguard training, CCTV training, first Aid training, and white card training. We also offer security refresher courses and revalidation training.


Where are these security courses hosted and for whom?

Even though we offer online security training courses, all of our courses are hosted in Queensland Australia and are meant for the Australians only. These courses are specially designed for those who are seeking a career in the security industry and those who are in need of revalidation training and white card training. Others who are not interested to become security personnel may also apply in some of the courses such as first aid.


What is the average duration of the security courses?

Each security course has its own time span. Some security courses take just a few hours for completion, such as refresher courses, whereas others may take a few weeks or more, such as security guard training. So it depends upon which course you want to pursue.


What is the delivery method of the security courses?

We follow the blended learning methods for training and assessment. It is basically an online training method which is a combination of e-learning and face to face learning.


What is the average cost of the security courses?

Universal Training Academy offers some of the most reasonably affordable security courses in Australia starting as low as 125 $. Whatever the course fee is, you should always know that a course of just a few dollars can lead you to a high and decent salary job. In that sense, spending a few dollars on our security courses is not going to be too much. The more security courses you have done, the more chances of you to get a great job in the security industry.

For information on our security courses visit our course page or contact us.  


What will I get after the completion of a security course?

You will be awarded a certificate after the successful completion of a security course. With this certificate you will become eligible to apply for a security license.


Will I be eligible to work after the completion of my security courses?

On successful completion of your security training you will be become eligible to work only after you have acquired a security license in the area of your expertise. The licensure process takes a few weeks and it is advisable to apply for a license as soon as you finish your course so that you can get a job soon. 

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