Scope and Job Responsibilities of an Unarmed Security Guard

The unarmed security guards perform an important role in various industries all over the world. The guard may work as a protector of the property or appointed to keep an eye on the visitors. The security guard is a public officer appointed after training to keep an eye on the illegal activities and suspicious behaviors. They need a security licence to work in the industry, and they can get jobs in the hospitals, retail stores, power plants and lots of other public venues. There is no specific requirement to become an unarmed security guard because a high school diploma or equivalent qualification is enough for this purpose.


Security Job Description

The responsibilities of a security guard may vary based on the geographic locations, but generally, the guards are responsible to monitor and protect the property. The basic purpose of hiring a security guard is to discourage the criminal activities. The guards may work at commercial properties like casinos, sports venues, shopping centers and other places. They are responsible to keep an eye on the flow of people and immediately respond to any emergency situation.

Requirements of Potential Employers

The employers always look for a physical fit person because the guard may need to stand at the gate of the venue for the whole day, or patrol the security on foot and in vehicles. The person should be able to identify the threat and can easily distract the criminals. The employers require an active listener so that he can identify the complainant and receive particular information on any questionable activity.

In order to protect the people, the person should be able to investigate the unlawful activities and write a comprehensive report to provide sufficient details about the incident to concerned authorities.

Salary and Job Outlook

The salary and scope of the job may vary in every area, such as the training and licensing requirements of the Queensland are quite different than other countries. If you are looking to have a flourishing career, then you should learn the requirements of your own state. Select a registered institution and start your training because after the successful completion of the training, you can get a security licence. This licence is important because it serves as a key to work in the industry. Every employer analyzes your skills through this licence, and it plays an important role in a flourishing career. 

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