Save a Life in Your Real Life!

Are you one of those who think that first aid training is unimportant? Do you think that major accidents only happen in the movies and it is the job of only medical professionals to have the knowledge of first aid? Then you need to think again. Here is an incident that happened recently with one of our ex-students of first aid which proves the importance of first aid training for everyone.

Sadi Muhammad is a 27 years old student from Bangladesh at the Charles Darwin University. He has received his first aid training from the Universal training academy as a part of the security guard course. A few weeks ago he saved the life of a drowning man with first aid. Before this incident he hardly thought that he would ever be required to use his first aid knowledge and skills in his real life. But this indicant changed his thinking. First aid skills and knowledge can be seriously needed at anywhere and anytime, like it was needed when the man was drowning in the pool at the Charles Darwin University. Muhammad probably wouldn't have expected an accident at the time when he was happily cooking in the kitchen of his apartment at the University's international house. A couple of friends frantically called him for help to save a man they saw was drowning in the building's backyard swimming pool. Muhammad knew how to swim so he jumped into the pool to bring the man to the surface and with the help of other friends he dragged him out of water. The man was unconscious and looked dead. Muhammad instantly acted and started to perform CPR on him. It took a minute or more that the man spurted out water from his mouth and nose and started to breathe. After sometime the ambulance arrived and the man was taken to the hospital.


The whole story can be read here

If Muhammad wouldn't have performed the first aid on the man, the man would have probably died. In other words, if Muhammad was not trained in first aid, the man would have died because there was no one else at the scene who knew first aid except Muhammad.

First aid training is not only meant for those who are involved in risky jobs and tough work conditions or for those who are in the field of medicine. It is necessary for everyone, even for those who spend all their time in the comfort of their homes. Accidents can happen inside the house as well as outside the house. You just need to be fully prepared to deal with them if they occur. It is the responsibility of all us to at least have the basic first aid training so we can help our fellow beings in danger.

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