Questions to Ask about a Security Refresher Course

1.    What is a Security Refresher Course?

Security refresher course is a revalidation training which focuses on revising and refreshing the knowledge and skills gained during the previous security training. It includes practical demonstrations, discussions, assessment, etc. In addition to the revision of the knowledge and skills, a security refresher course will also update you on all the changes and advancements in the areas of your expertise.


2.    What Security Refresher Courses are Available at the Universal Training Academy?

Universal Training Academy is currently offering the following refresher courses.


·         Security Officer Revalidation course

·         Security Revalidation without Apply First Aid


Apart from the above two refresher courses, Universal Training Academy is also offering separate courses for the refreshing of the modules individually. These courses are:


·         CPPSEC3013A- Control people using empty hand techniques Revalidation

·         CPPSEC3002A – Manage Conflict Through Negotiation


3.    What are the Guidelines of a Security Refresher Course?


According to the latest policies in the security industry it is mandatory upon the security workers to get retrained and recertified in specific units of study after every three years in order to maintain their current competency. A refresher course can only be considered valid if done from a recognized security training institute.


4.    What are the Units Included in a Security Refresher Course?

A Security Refresher course includes the following units.

1.      Apply First Aid

2.      Manage Conflict through negotiations

3.      Control persons using empty hand techniques


4.    Will I be Notified about the Revalidation of my Security Qualification?

Yes you will be notified about the renewal of your security qualification almost six weeks before its expiry by the Office of fair trading. Please make sure to provide your accurate address to the licensing department. Notify them of any change in your contact number or home address to avoid any sort of inconvenience. 


5.    Can I Take a Security Refresher Course Even if I am Overdue to Revalidate my Qualification?

According to the Office of Fair trading it is strictly recommended to complete the refresher courses within the time provided, which is one month before the expiry of a security license. Once you are overdue your security licensing renewal time frame, your license as well as your qualification will become invalid and you will have to apply for a new license.


6.    What is the Delivery Method of a Security Refresher Course?

Universal Training Academy offers security refresher courses through online and face to face training. 

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