Qualities You should have to Become a Good Security Officer

A security officer is hired to ensure the safety of people, places, and valuable properties. Employers look to hire mature people to responsibly fulfill all job duties. A certified security guard requires being successful in the certain security guard courses to start a successful career. The security guard should have experience to deal with advanced security equipment and techniques. Employers often look for the people possess particular qualities to deal with the challenges of the security jobs. A security officer should be honest, active and proficient to perform various jobs. There are some particular qualities that you should have to become a good security officer:

The keys of success


It is one of the top qualities in the list of the security jobs. The person should be reliable enough to provide the service to various industries. The job is about securing the entry and exit points of the office buildings, residential buildings and manufacturing plants. The guards may be hired in the shopping malls to protect human lives during service hours. Your duty can be longer than eight hours based on the particular circumstances. You may work during the day and throughout the night to protect the property and stay active.


A good security officer should remain always alert and pay attention to the details. He should be aware of the scrutiny techniques for the optimum security and safety of the areas and people around these areas. The guard should stay focused while avoiding all types of distractions. The person should be able to remember various things and prepare a written report regarding the event. The guard may be responsible to convey important details of the law enforcement personnel.

Common Sense

It is another important quality of a good security guard because there can be different types of circumstances and the guard should be able to logically interpret every situation. The officer should react to the right situation for the right reason, and this process requires common sense. The person should take important actions during emergency situations.

Disposition (Temper)

Security officers require having a flat temperament because the person has to work in the public places. He should have the capability to handle disputes and remain calm to help worried people in emergency situations. He should not react angrily on disputes and control his temper to deal with the sensitive issues.

Physical Fitness

A healthy and physically fit candidate is the first preference of the employer because the security officer has to handle life threats of a person under attack. The guard may require chasing the burglar to detain him/her for the criminal act. The guard should be strong enough to restrain and grasp the person until the arrival of police.

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