Procedures of a Security Guard Job

A security guard is an important person for the private as well as public organizations. The person is hired for the security of valuable properties, important business documents and theft as well as burglar activities. The guard is hired to protect the residents, employees and visitors. The procedures and the duties of a security may vary according to the place. The security guards have to fulfill different responsibilities and in order to fulfill these responsibilities without any problem; the security guard has to attend some training and the security guard courses. Following are some common procedures of a security guard job:


Prevention of Incidents

The basic responsibility of a security guard is to prevent bad incidents. The security guard has to spend his maximum time to avoid the entry of unlawful persons in the building. Every organization has its own security protocols and a security guard has to follow it. The security guard can be appointed at one place, like at the gate of the premises, or he has to patrol in the building to keep an eye on the visitors and other activities. The special security courses are available to train all those personnel who are interested to become a security guard. The security guard may have to check the security equipments and tools, including security cameras, automatic locks, fire alarm, metal detectors, etc.

Observation and Report

The security guard should have observation skills to observe all the incidents during his shift and to report them properly. The guard has to maintain a log to write reports of different events and detailed reports of the activities inside and outside the building. The log should include date, time, and description of visitors, location and important incidents. The properly managed security log makes it easy for the police to investigate any criminal activity. The candidates are usually required to learn observation and report by attending special security guard courses.

Law Enforcement

Sometime, it is necessary for a security guard to carry weapons according to the level of risk. The banks and other financial organizations require armed security guards. These types of security guards require special training by the law enforcement personnel. Different security guard courses are available to teach candidates about the proper handling of robber, burglary and any other criminal case. The candidates who are interested to join this profession should take these courses to learn all important skills.

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