Potential and Duties of Security Officer

The security officer is a wide term that may refer as a security guard, armed guard or security analyst who is responsible to protect the homes, business and other valuable properties from destruction and theft. Every country has its own policies and procedures for the work of security guard, and it is important for a security guard to follow all rules and regulations. If you want to join this career, it is important to pass some Security Courses offered by your state to get security license. The security guards usually work with the law enforcement institutes to maintain peace in the society and report unlawful activities to reduce the crime rate. It is a potentially demanding career and you will get lots of growing opportunities.

Duties of a Security Officer

A security officer is responsible to carefully monitor his surroundings to prevent criminal activities, like murder, theft, vandalism and lot more. The person is responsible for the safety of people and valuable items. Under some security positions, the officer has ability to detain the law enforcement individuals until the arrival of the police and concerned people.

Types of Security Officers

A security officer can be discriminated on the basis of his job responsibilities. Some border security officers patrol on foot to actively monitor suspicious activities via security cameras. The mobile security personnel, includes armed security guards or car guards who are responsible for the protection of valuable items during their transport from one place to another. It is a highly responsible job, therefore it is important to get all required skills and pass important Security Courses.

Secure Environment

Usually, the security guards are hired by the private organizations to discourage the illegal activities of criminals. The motive of government offices to hire a security guard is little bit different, they hire a security guard for the protection of public places, such as schools, airports, museums and military installation places.

Employment and Pay of Security Officer

The statistics of the Bureau of Labor show that the jobs of security officer have potential to grow by 14 to 16 percent by 2018. The average annual salary of a security officer is almost $25,500 and it is expected to grow with the passage of time.

Education of a Security Officer

A security officer has to get security certification and training in order to follow all law enforcement procedures. The person has to pass important Security Courses and requires a license to carry arms.