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Why security courses are important?

One of the common questions that we get asked is, “Is it really important for me to do security courses if I want to have a career in the security industry?”  The answer to this question is very simple. Every discipline of life requires formal education and effective training. You cannot be a doctor unless you have gone through a prolonged study, research, and practical period for years in some medical school. You cannot be an inventor if you haven't spent countless hours in order to learn the various laws of science. You cannot be an engineer if you haven’t gained the in-depth technical knowledge and practices from a university. You cannot be a qualified teacher if you haven’t ...

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How many alarming news reports we have seen on the cases of school violence? How many kids we have heard complaining about being bullied at school? How many juveniles we have known who are involved in gangs, drugs, and sexual harassment? How many school workers we are acquainted with who have been abused at school? Unfortunately, we all must have seen, heard, or experienced incidents of school crimes at least once in our lives. According to the Australian Human Rights Commission, child bullying complaints that were launched during the year 2013 were up to 17,000. During the year 2012-2013, seven child suicide cases due to school bullying were reported. A survey by the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed th ...

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Security Courses by Universal Academy Brisbane

Whether you are aiming to become a licensed security officer of a celebrity or a daring crowd controller in the streets of Brisbane, Universal Training Academy is here to equip you with all the necessary security education you need in order to acquire your dream security position. Our primary area of focus is unarmed security education. We aim to promote and institute a wide public and private unarmed security education and awareness in Australia through our wide range of unarmed security courses with very reasonable fees. Our security courses are designed to provide a quick and effective training in first aid, body guard, dog patrolling, crowd controlling, conflict managing, and several other security areas. & ...

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Significance of Security Courses according to State’s Laws

Arrangement of a qualified security guard for the protection of your customers and guests is an important requirement for the business organizations, hotels, resorts and educational institutions. The security industry has greater scope, because lots of jobs are expected in the future. Different types of Security Courses are available for the guidance of interested candidates. The courses provide an insight view of the working worlds in the various security related fields and sectors. You can get a recommendation from experts in the professional personal training and the potential of employment. Duration of these training courses may vary according to the requirements and nature of the course. The requireme ...

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