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Importance of First Aid training

Imagine yourself in a situation where you are in a children’s park along with your friend. Suddenly, a little boy falls from the slide and becomes unconscious while bleeding from the head. Everyone including you starts to panic. Fortunately your friend has done a first aid training course so he rushes to help. Unlike the others who are in the state of panic, he immediately takes control of the situation. He calls up emergency services and starts to apply the first aid procedures on the boy to stop the bleeding and to make him conscious again. In a few moments the boy regains his conscious and the bleeding is under control. Your friend comforts the boy and stays with him until the rescue team arrives to ta ...

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Security Refresher Course – What, Why and for Whom?

"I successfully completed my security training and acquired a security license three years ago, why do I need to undergo a new security training course to revalidate my license?" You probably thought that just taking one security course is going to be enough for your everlasting career in the security industry. However the reality is, you are required by the government to update your knowledge and skills after every three years if you want to retain your security license as well as your job in the security industry. The update process consists of a special course named as security refresher course or security revalidation training. The following article is going to provide you some basic informa ...

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Security Guard Courses: A Quick Guide to What You Will Learn

Are you interested to know what the security courses are all about but don’t feel like reading the lengthy and redundant details available on the internet? Then here is a quick guide that will save your time and introduce you to the necessary content of the security guard training courses.   Security guard courses: A brief introduction   All Security guard training courses primarily aim to prepare you for the roles and duties of a security guard. There are however differences within the courses in terms of content, time duration, fees, and course qualification. Some security guard courses focus only on issuing you a certificate as soon as you successfully complete the course whereas ...

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Cool Things You Can Learn During The Security Courses

Whether you are someone who is trying to find a suitable career, or are someone who is looking for something useful to do during your leisure time, security courses can provide you a platform to fulfill your needs. They can not only pave your way for a bright career in the security industry, but can also offer you an opportunity to learn a variety of interesting and cool skills which you cannot learn in any other way. Some of the cool things that you can learn during the security courses are: Empty Hand Techniques   It is obvious that security personnel have to face different conflicting situations, and in order to deal with them effectively they must have appropriate skills. Weapons cannot be ...

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