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3 Reasons Why You Need To Do A Security Refresher Course

Once you successfully acquire a security license and enter the security industry as a security guard or a crowd controller, don't think that your journey has stopped and you don't need any further security training to retain your position. Following are the 3 main reasons which will force you to take a security refresher course after every three years if you wish to retain your job as a certified worker in the security industry. 1.    Security License Renewal  The very first reason why you would need to take a security refresher course is a license renewal. In Queensland the maximum validity of a security license is three years. After this time period the security license expir ...

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Difference Between a Bodyguard and a Security Guard

There are different categories of security professionals in the world of security and protection services. Each category differs from the other in terms of its roles, training, and pay scale. However, there is one thing that is common in all of the security professionals and that is a same purpose to protect and safeguard the public and its assets. A bodyguard and a security guard are both security workers that provide protection services to the public but they have their own separate manner, duties, and security training. The following article is going to highlight the major differences between a security guard and a bodyguard. What Level of Protection They Provide A security guard performs duties at ...

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Important Things You Need to Know About a Security Licence

While applying for a security licence qld you will be asked to give an evidence of your qualification in the form of a security training certificate. If you have successfully completed your security training from a recognized training institute such as the Universal Training Academy, then you would not have a problem in providing the evidence. However, if you don’t have the recognized certificate, then you would have to obtain one in order to attain a security licence qld. If you wish to get some information on how and from where to get certificate security training, then please check out our previous articles on the related topic. Or if you wish to know how to get a security licence in Queensland, then y ...

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How Online Security Training Method Works

Is it possible to get security guard training entirely online? How can I be effectively taught on a computer to perform the practical duties of a security guard? Can I get a security license on the basis of an online security guard course? Do all these questions come into your mind while searching for security guard courses? Do you ask yourself whether online security training is reliable or not? If yes, then read on to find out how online security guard courses work and also learn about some useful study tips for your online training courses. With the advancements in the IT technology it has become pretty easy to gain education over the internet from anywhere in the world. From science, engineering, arts, m ...

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