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What Is It Like To Get a Security License in Queensland?

Life as a security officer is equally as exciting as that of a military officer or a policeman. You can get the opportunity to travel, have new experiences everyday, meet famous and interesting people, work with teams, and tackle the trouble makers. There are so many job options available within the security industry that may suit your interest. If you want to enter into this exiting career and partake in the security activities, then you need to go through a few steps and overcome a few obstacles involved in the process. First let's see what are the major steps involved in the process.   1)        Go Through a Training The very first thing to do to st ...

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Security Training to be a Crowd Controller

Security training for crowd control is different than that of a security guard. It is basically aimed at maintaining order and peace in most visited public places. It teaches the trainees various methods to manage crowds, to implement policies of the employer, and to monitor suspicious actions and individuals. Apart from that, crowd controllers are also taught first aid so they can be able to provide aid to the victims of possible accidents. If you have decided to pursue security training in order to be a crowd controller, then you have made an excellent decision. Crowd controlling is not only a rewarding career but it also offers exciting life experiences. However, you should also know that it is not as eas ...

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Security Officer Refresher Courses

Security refresher courses (also known as revalidation training courses) are one of the mandatory demands of the security industry. Their purpose is to reacquaint the security personnel with the skills and knowledge previously gained and to make them up to date with the modern requirements of the security industry. A security officer is required to refresh and recertify specific units of study after every three years from some recognized security training institute. If the security officer fails to renew the units of competency, his security license becomes invalid and he becomes ineligible to continue his practice in the security industry. There are numerous security training providers in Brisbane and a ...

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Security Courses – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequent security threats and high cases of theft and burglary have exposed every one of us to threats of accidents and insecurity. Many measures for safety and protection have been implemented by the government in the country and across the world to curb these threats. One of such security measure is the propagation of proper and professional security training. Several security courses are designed to prepare the security personnel for precarious security jobs.  Following is a compilation of some general frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to the security courses we offer at Universal Training Academy.   What are the types of security courses available at Universal training academy ...

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