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Key Elements of Security Courses in Queensland

It must be of prime concern to be secure and safe when you are engaged in security operations, whether it is a security training session, a course or practice.  This is the way, you can results a security program or course beneficial, effective and results oriented as well. As a training instructor, you are just responsible for your own safety and security, but you would also have to be very conscious in providing safety for all the individuals who are with you in certain training course or program. Our remaining discussion is based on key elements of security courses in Queensland. Several security threats are always there and they may occur anywhere and anytime. That’s why, it is very essenti ...

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Crimes that can Cancel your Security Licence in the Queensland

A flourishing career in the security industry requires all important documentation. It needs your hard-work and time to get a security licence to work in the industry. After getting a license, don’t assume that you are free to do whatever you want because there are lots of rules and regulations that you have to follow. If you commit any offence, then it will affect your ability to work in the security industry. You may lose your licence also. Some offences are so serious that you can’t be forgiven for them.  There are some offences that may not disqualify you, but they may have an effect on your licence. Automatic Disqualification Be careful about following crimes because you may dire ...

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How to Apply for a Crowd Controller Licence in Queensland?

A Crowd Controller is responsible to maintain peace and order in a public place because he/she is responsible to screen the entry places and control the behavior of people. The person has right to remove the people of bad behaviour. The job is quite challenging, and you need to hold a latest licence for this job. In order to take the licence, you should: ·         Meet the eligibility criteria ·         Complete your training and get a proof of completion in the form of certification ·         Fill out the application form A crowd controller licence is requ ...

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Common Myths in the Job of Security Officer

The term “security guard” can bring lots of thoughts in your mind and often people have a picture in their mind that the guard is a person sitting in the booth in front of monitors to examine the building. Sometimes, they may look like police officers, but without arms. People often compare them with police officers, sometimes consider that they have no power and skills to handle the situation. In fact, all these opinions are wrong because the security guards are highly functional and skilled people that work more than just sitting on a chair and watching the monitors. If you want to have a better grasp on the exact meaning of the security guard in the current society and business world, then read t ...

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