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Start Your Career as a Nightclub Bouncer

A nightclub bouncer is simply a security guard work in a particular environment. The guard needs to get the necessary training and background check to become a certified person. Some states may not require security training and background checks, but in the Queensland, it is essential to pass the security training. As a bouncer security guard, you can work in a nightclub with limited authority and ability to use your power. A bouncer may have various titles in the bar and nightclub industry, but their job function is the most important thing to consider. The security function in any organization requires the hiring of qualified personnel. If you want to start a career as a nightclub bouncer, you should consider ...

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Refresh Your Skills with Security Refresher Course

Do you think you are a qualified and professional security officer and now there is nothing to learn? Unfortunately, you are wrong because you can’t consider that you are complete and perfect. If you want to maintain the success and professionalism of your job, then you should consider Security Refresher Course. This course is particularly designed to update your skills and enable you to deal with the new challenges of the security industry. It is important to do this course once in a two years before renewing your security licence. It will be a great chance to explore the latest techniques and tools available in the industry to enhance your skills and abilities. Certification is not for the Whole Life ...

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Scope and Job Responsibilities of an Unarmed Security Guard

The unarmed security guards perform an important role in various industries all over the world. The guard may work as a protector of the property or appointed to keep an eye on the visitors. The security guard is a public officer appointed after training to keep an eye on the illegal activities and suspicious behaviors. They need a security licence to work in the industry, and they can get jobs in the hospitals, retail stores, power plants and lots of other public venues. There is no specific requirement to become an unarmed security guard because a high school diploma or equivalent qualification is enough for this purpose. Security Job Description The responsibilities of a security guard may vary bas ...

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Duties of an Unarmed Security Guard

The unarmed security guards are often appointed on the venues where the risk of deadly crimes is low, and the guards are only required to control the access of outsiders. In case of security and other threat problems, the unarmed guards can call the backup available in the form of armed guards and the law enforcement personnel. In most of the areas, the people need to pass a short course to get the security licence QLD. This license is necessary to get an entry in the security industry. The unarmed guard doesn’t carry any weapon, but still they need to pursue an independent training to get the certificate. They need to learn the skill to restrain a person on a temporary basis. The guards need to patrol on ...

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