Opportunities of Training and Development for the Security Officers

The increasing demand of the security officer makes this profession a hot choice for you because you can earn a handsome amount of money. In order to become a security guard, you need to have sound physical health and passion for learning all important skills. The good news is that you can join this profession even without academic qualifications. It can be a plus point if you have a good general education background. If you are retired police or army officers, then you can easily become a part of this field. The employer will check your personal work history and criminal background before hiring you. There are some Security Guard Courses available for an untrained person interested to join this profession.


If you are working through an agency providing contract security services, then you should have a Security Industry Authority (SIA) licensed. To qualify for this job, you should fulfill the following requirements:

  • Your age should be almost 18 years or more
  • Pass the criminal record and identity checks
  • Get the approval for SIA training

The SIA courses are available for you at different training centers. The certificate is not required for those working in a premises operated by an individual employer.

Training and Development

A new security officer requires passing some introductory and advanced security guard courses. Sometimes, you may get approval for the SIA approved training program. The SIA program has three parts, and you may have to attend a training of 26 hours spread over many days. The security course may include:

  •   Learning of security procedures and responsibilities according to the law
  •   Patrolling and personal safety
  •   Fire safety
  •   Divergence resolution and interpersonal skills

Every kind of training and development program has its own requirements and benefits. Some advanced security courses may include, CCTV operations, security of a van, body guarding, supervision of the doors, clamping of the vehicle and its removal. Your employer may offer you a free training, or deduct the payment from your salary for an advanced security certification.

To become a security officer, you should be matured enough to work with honesty and deal with visitors in a polite and helpful manner. You should pass all levels of physical fitness tests. The confidence is really important for this field because it will help you to deal with various challenges in the industry. You should possess the ability to operate CCTV cameras and surveillance equipment. The nature of the security guard jobs may base on the requirements of the employer and the surrounding areas. Advanced types of security courses are available to teach you different techniques to deal with the different security situations.

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