Nonviolent Crowd Control Techniques

Protest against government and managerial is a common practice, but it is important to handle this situation peacefully because accumulation of a large crowd for protect has always required a professional Crowd Controller. Usually special law enforcement personnel are hired to oversee the crowd and to ensure the safety of all people. In order to control crowd on public gatherings, events, festivals or protest, it is important to use non-violent crowd control techniques to avoid any serious harm to the life of people. Special non-violent trainings are given to police to avoid any potential trouble while crowd controlling.


Safest Crowd Controlling Techniques

It is important to employ non-violent techniques on the first step to avoid any dangerous situation. Following are some safest crowd controlling techniques that may help you:

Police Line

You can effectively control the crowd on first step by minimizing their activities to decrease the chances of disorder. This can be done by forming a police line, or you can also use fences as barriers such as wooden saw horses, metal barriers, heavy vehicles etc. Sometimes, police officers have to form a human line to restrict the activities of a crowd.


It is important to communicate with the leader of the crowd to avoid any violent situation. You can use plain clothes to give a sign for negotiation or can directly ask with the leadership of crowds. The main goals of the negotiation to calm the crowd and resolve the issues without taking any illegal actions in case of any chaos. Cooperation of leaders plays an important role to prevent any serious threat to the lives of individuals in the crowd and the police force. Crowd controller should have negotiation and communication skills to control the situation.

Water Cannon

Water cannons are safest tools to disperse the crowd, and in this technique, pressurized streams of water are used. It is one of the best and safest ways to hold back the crowd that is walking forward. The pressure of water enables security forces to physically push the crowd back without any serious damage.

Careful Observation

Close observation is important to take decision about any step required to take. Crowd controller should control the mass, place and temper of the crowd. Usually, an officer in civil dress is sent into the crowd to closely observe everything, and this is an important step that helps the law enforcement personnel to get ready for the certain measurements. For instance, a violent crowd may require to take different actions to control as compared to a peaceful crowd.

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