Nature of Security Functions in the Organization and Company

There are a number of organizations hiring private security guards to protect you and your office building secure. These private guards play an important role in the corporate structure. They help you to reduce theft and other illegal issues. They are hired for the security issues and keep the corporate property secure. It is important for potential candidates to pass security courses to get a work permit, but it is not enough. The renewal of courses and licence is always required; therefore, the Security Refresher Course has been offered for the convenience of students. The security officers are responsible for different tasks, and the nature of security functions may vary in various organizations, such as:


Admission Control

Security officers normally get a desk or stand near the gate of the building. They are responsible for keeping an eye on all visitors, employees, and clients. They can control the access to the building and have authority to restrict any person from entering the building. You have to inquire people, check them and write their details in the security log. Typically, an identification badge is designed for the visitors and they have to carry it while entering the building. The security officer can get this badge back from a visitor before he/she left the building.


Security personnel are responsible for the observation in the company. The person has to monitor whole building via security cameras to find out any potential problem. The personnel can watch different areas and signs of a break-in, including damage in sprinkler and fire problems. These kinds of problem can be the reason of potential damage.

Deter the Criminals

The security officer has to deter crime and criminals. The person should keep an eye on surrounding and can detain a person who tries to rob the building. He has authority to arrest any criminal or a person who is trying to harm others to hand over him/her to local law enforcement people. He is basically responsible for the protection of valuable properties.

Security Structure of the Company

Both private and public organizations have their own particular security structure. The security structure can be divided into three categories, such as:

•        Formal structure

•        Informal structure

•        Managerial structure

Any organization can choose a structure on the basis of different elements, such as budget, security threats and location of the business. For some organizations, one or two security guards are enough, while some require a complete team with a qualified supervisor. All security guards should be well-trained and qualified because they are responsible for the lives of employees and visitors, and valuable items for the business. The officers are also required to join security refresher course after every three or more years.

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