Making a Choice Between Various Security Courses

As the world is advancing, growing, and modernizing, more threats and challenges are being posed at the life and well being of people than ever before. The rates of crimes and violations have drastically increased due to which security has become the primary concern of the world today. Nowadays it has become almost necessary for everyone to undergo some training through a number of security courses in order to be able to deal with the negative risks and hazards to oneself and to others. For this reason security industries are expanding and becoming more popular with the increase in their demand. However, with so many security companies out there offering a range of security courses, it becomes difficult for one to make a choice. For your convenience, this article aims to give an overview of the major security courses offered at the University Training Academy so that it may become easier for you to decide which security courses to pursue.


Security Operations Certificate II

Security Operations Level II certificate gives you a licensed entry into the security industry as a security personnel. It is the first requirement for your approval by the government authorities. This course aims to professionally prepare you for the basic security positions such as a body guard, unarmed security officer, and a crowd controller. Some of the main things you would learn in the course are effective working and communication in security industry, protections of self and others, empty hand techniques to control persons, patrolling, conflict management, first aid, and crowd controlling. After this course you would be able acquire security jobs in commercial areas, airports, courts, and government sectors. 


Security Operations Certificate III

After completion of security operations level II, if you wish to further enhance your skills and become a specialist in some area, then this course is what you need. Security Operation Level III is actually a bunch of security courses which are designed to upgrade the qualifications of those who have already done security operations level II and are aiming to have senior positions in the security industry such as that of security managers and supervisors. We at the Universal Training Academy only offer unarmed certificate III in security operations. You can either opt for a specialization in unarmed body guarding or you can enhance your expertise as an unarmed crowd controller.

Some of the new things you would learn in these security courses are leading small teams in the security industry, preparation, protection and presentation of security reports and documents, displaying evidences in the court, and control room operation.


White Card Training

This course is made mandatory by the Australian government for all those who wish to work in the construction industry within the country. It is specially planned out to provide necessary skills and qualification to the construction staff for their safety and security. Some of the skills that you would learn in this course are risk management, communication and consultation, risk prevention, and identifying and dealing with threats.


First Aid and Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

This course offers the knowledge and skills required for the application of first aid procedure, including CPR, along with causality management techniques and communication methods. This course is not only meant for those seeking a profession in security industry, but it can be done by anyone who is interested to learn.

All of the security courses offered at the Universal Training Academy are constructed to give you the best security education you need for a successful future in the security industry. For detailed information on the security courses please contact us.


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